1. thisbonelessone:

    I wish I was born earlier just so I can cuddle up with ray Bradbury, not sexually of course, and he can pet my hair while we are curled up on the couch while reading me his lullabies.

    So Phillip k.dick can use a ladder to get to my window at 2 in the morning and extending his palm to reveal a…


  2. mentalshenanigans:

    autistic magical girls

    autistic magical girls stimming with pretty hair ribbons and the loops of lace on their pastel sleeves

    autistic magical girls using magic to make their frilly skirts sparkle instead of itchy plastic glitter

    autistic magical girls incorporating…

  4. likeafieldmouse:

    David Horvitz - Sad, Depressed People (published 2012)

    "A set of found images from a stock library in which people are portrayed holding their heads in their hands. The book explores a bizarre tension between the status of these photographs as stock images and their supposedly emotional, depressed content.”

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  5. "Nobody realizes that some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal."
    — Albert Camus (…)

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  6. wormwoodandhoney:

    girls fighting evil: horror movie tropes 

    the girl who doesn’t get away

    (these are not the final girls. these are the girls who die early, who sleep with their boyfriends, who babysat in the haunted house first, who couldn’t control their anger. the girls who died as a warning, as a metaphor, as an excuse. they were too naive, or too worldly, or too funny, or too bullied, or too vicious. the girls who went into the basement alone, who checked on the children first, who went upstairs with a boy during the party.

    they break out of the script, the scene, the reel. they are no longer demon feed.)

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  7. Is this the most lesbian thing you have ever seen in your life or what. 

  8. Things are starting to get intimate. With my cat. 

  9. Some grainy photos of a love affair with my cat

  10. Lost in smoke